CDM 2015

CDM 2015

The Construction Design and Management regulations are involved at some stage of every job we do in the construction industry, whether it be ourselves as a sub-contract company or the principle contractor themselves, somewhere within that project CDM is about. The purpose of the update to the current CDM 2007 regulations are to change the way in which the co-ordinator is known.

What will change?

  • Principal designer. The replacement of the CDM co-ordinator role (under CDM 2007) by principal designer. This means that the responsibility for coordination of the pre-construction phase – which is crucial to the management of any successful construction project – will rest with an existing member of the design team.
  • Client. The new Regulations recognise the influence and importance of the client as the head of the supply chain and they are best placed to set standards throughout a project.
  • Competence. This will be split into its component parts of skills, knowledge, training and experience, and - if it relates to an organisation - organisational capability. This will provide clarity and help the industry to both assess and demonstrate that construction project teams have the right attributes to deliver a healthy and safe project.

Even though this will not suffice to many scaffold companies as we are never really the principle contractor on site it is always handy to keep up to date with all regulations which could be around in any project we are involved with helping us maintain a high level of safety awareness at work.