The mix nature of our scaffolding works requires a huge amount of care, interest and commitment which is why CAS employs a full time health and safety manager who is able to monitor, update and provide training which is required to work in safety critical environments. This therefore ensures that health and safety is the back bone of our company allowing us to off the best safety, service and quality delivered to our clients.

Appearence and safety on site is key within our company which is why we ensure that all our work force are provided with all the correct PPE to work on all types of sites.

We strive to achieve excellence in Health and Safety performance. To this end we have developed a Safety Management System based upon Continuous Improvement and to help create positive safety culture where Health and Safety ranks equally with other business objectives.

Within the NASC are a number of committees of which are made up of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professional people within the industry. As a company who abide by all standards and guidelines produced by the NASC we are proud to state that our health and safety manager holds a position within the safety committee of the NASC.


Our work force are fully competent to work in all different types of industries, the follwing competences are held below: 

  • CISRS - The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme is the only recognised scaffolding training scheme in the UK.
  • PASMA - The lead trade association for the aluminium mobile access tower industry.
  • EUSR - The Energy Utility Skills Register for national water hygiene allowing us to work on all water treatment plants that consist of clean water.
  • EUSR - The Energy Utility Skills Register is the first stage of receiving electrical competence for all National Grid sites.
  • BESC - Basic Electrical Safety Competence scheme is the second and final stage of receiving electrical competence for National Grid sites.
  • Scottish and Southern Energy certification of operational authorisation allows us to work on all SSE sites.
  • Northern Power Grid safety passport card allowing us to work on all Northern Power Grid sites.
  • PTS - Personel Track Safety allowing access to Network Rail sites.
  • National Grid approved 2 year drug and alcohol test.
  • Network Rail approved 1 year drug and alcohol test.

The company expects all its employees to act in a responsible manner and fully co-operate with the implementation of the Safety Management System, Health and Safety law and industry guidance.